A New System for the EV/PHEV Industry

LINK Hub Motor and NVH Test System

LINK is proud to introduce our NEW Hub Motor and NVH Test System, the Model 6642, a dual function or combined torque and speed test system that integrates both hydraulic braking and motor drive testing into a combined operation.

Being a comprehensive In-Wheel Motor (IWM) solution, the Model 6642 excels at simulating actual vehicle conditions, replicating the environmental conditions of temperature and humidity, plus a wide range of motor fluid cooling and heating. For accurate NVH characterization, the Model 6642 also includes an environmental sound chamber that creates a free-field type environment for precise measurement of sound or noises from the motor or hydraulic brake systems.

This new ability to operate both hydraulic braking and motor drive capabilities opens up countless opportunities for EV manufacturers to optimize or fully develop both systems simultaneously. LINK’s Hub Motor and NVH Test System is a complete motor test solution for the Electric Vehicle and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (EV/PHEV) industry.

Key Features

  • AC Motor Dynamometer
  • High Accuracy Precision Torque Sensor with Telemetry
  • “Free Field” Environmental Chamber
  • Full Integration with Power or Motor Analyzer
  • 1 to 800V DC Battery Simulator
  • Precision Electric Hydraulic Brake Apply System
  • Static Rotor Lock/E-Brake

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LINK Hub/In-Wheel Motor Test System
Tuesday, May 4
7:00 - 8:00 AM EDT

This session will introduce and discuss the main parts of LINK's Hub Motor and NVH Test System, the Model 6642. We will cover some of the combined testing applications incorporating both hydraulic friction brake & motor test scenarios.

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