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LINK is dedicated to the growth and evolution of the testing industry, and to providing innovative solutions that our customers rely on for testing and developing the next generation of equipment and products. Join our global thought leaders for in-depth knowledge sharing webinars, discussing the latest equipment developments, software, and LINK solutions available. We aim to connect our customers around the world to our dedicated team of product experts, as well as provide education, answer burning questions, and introduce new solutions and testing methodologies.

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LabLINK Demo Series

Thursdays, April 1, 8, 15, 22
11:00 AM EST - Noon

Session 1: LabLINK Overview - 11:00 AM EST - April, 1, 2021

Session 2: LabLINK Installation and Setup - 11:00 AM EST - April, 8, 2021

Session 3: LabLINK Test Request - 11:00 AM EST - April, 15, 2021

Session 4: LabLINK Test Scheduling & Equipment Utilization - 11:00 AM EST - April, 22, 2021


LabLINK Overview - Spanish

Thursday, April 29
11:00 AM EST - Noon

Esta sesión cubrirá:
Configuración administrativa
Funcionalidad principal de LabLINK
Labs, roles de usuario, privilegios y notificaciones
Diseño y creación de solicitudes de prueba
Programación de tareas
Utilización de equipos
Gestión de datos

M6642 Hub Motor Brochure 2

LINK In-Wheel Motor Testing

Tuesday, May 4
7:00 AM EST - 8:00 AM EST

More details to follow.

Cleat Testing

Cleat Testing and High Speed Uniformity

Wednesday, June 30
7:00 AM EST - 8:00 AM EST

More details to follow.




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Tire Models 101

Recorded 3.25.2021

Join us as we discuss the types of tire models, their benefits, costs, and testing requirements.
Presented and moderated by:

Dr. James F. Cuttino, Director, Tire Technology and Product Line, Link Engineering

Mr. Michael Stackpole, President, Stackpole Engineering Services

Instrumented Vehicle Tests

Recorded 3.4.2021

If you run vehicle tests for validating friction material performance or instrument your vehicle tests to gather data, we invite you to join this session. We will discuss LINK’s instrumented vehicle tests and how to evaluate the data objectively. This presentation was held in Spanish.

Si realiza pruebas de vehículos para validar el rendimiento del material de fricción o instrumenta las pruebas de su vehículo para recopilar datos, lo invitamos a unirse a esta sesión. Discutiremos las pruebas de vehículos instrumentados de LINK y cómo evaluar los datos de manera objetiva. Esta presentación se realizará en español.

Compressibility Testing

Recorded 11.17.2020

This session will provide an overview of LINK Compressibility Testing. We will cover how much friction material deforms when the driver uses the brake, and if the deformity can contribute to pedal feel. LINK can easily measure the compressibility of the brake lining, and the test is commonly used both during the development of material and for quality control. This presentation was held in Spanish.

Cuánto se deformará un material de fricción cuando el conductor presione el pedal de freno? Contribuirá la deformación a percibir un frenado esponjoso? La compresibilidad de un material de fricción puede medirse fácilmente, la prueba se usa como control de calidad y también durante el desarrollo. Participe en la sesión donde hablaremos acerca de las pruebas de compresibilidad.

Tescor ECU Operations Overview and Touchscreen

Recorded 11.13.2020

This course will give the owner/operators of a Tescor ECU-2/3 a general overview of the maintenance, mechanics, refrigeration circuit, air flow and touchscreen. The course will touch on the basics of operating and troubleshooting the machine without the need of a refrigeration license or pressure gauges. We will review the basic refrigeration cycle of this machine, air flow pattern and the theory of the duel cooling coil air path, user interface located within the Allen Bradley PanelView touchscreen including the password protected PID objects, and general maintenance requirements.

Krauss Friction Testing

Recorded 10.22.2020

This webinar will cover the Krauss friction test – a useful resource for Quality Control and Development – which characterizes friction and wear using a full-size pad according to ECE R90. Learn about how to use this test and the LINK equipment that runs it. This presentation was held in Spanish.

Acompáñenos en este webinar donde hablaremos acerca de la prueba de fricción Krauss, una forma útil para Control de Calidad y Desarrollo para caracterizar la fricción y el desgaste usando piezas completas acorde a ECE R90. Aprenda acerca de este ensayo y del equipo LINK donde se ejecuta.

LINK Brake Emission Technology and the Industry Update

Recorded 10.15.2020

This session will discuss one of the hot topics of pollution monitoring agencies and industry stakeholders – automotive brake emissions. Emissions generated from vehicle braking is foreseen to remain an active topic of interest while the industry is gradually steering towards battery-operated vehicles equipped with regenerative braking systems. We will use the LINK M6330 brake emissions measurement system to review several important aspects while measuring brake emissions in a laboratory setting. We will cover the ABCs of brake emissions, namely airflow, brake enclosure, capture zones, and design recommendations. The LINK M6330 is ISO 17025 certified and is built upon several industry standards such as ISO 9096, EPA Method 1A, and 40 CFR 1065 along with complying several essential recommendations from PMP.

LINK Chase Testing Webinar

This presentation will discuss LINK’s chase testing machine, the purpose of the SAE J661 test, and why it’s useful. Also discussed will be additional tests that can be conducted and how a chase machine can be utilized for much more than J661 testing. This presentation was recorded in English with Spanish support.

Recorded 8.27.2020

City Traffic Tests on a Dynamometer

Webminar Pruebas de trafico de ciudad en dinamómetro

Recorded 7.16.2020

This session will discuss the most commonly used dynamometer tests for disc brake pads, including the U.S. City Traffic (USCT) test. The USCT test provides results concerning two key aspects: durability and noise. This presentation was held in Spanish.

En esta sesión hablaremos acerca de las pruebas dinamométricas más comunes para pastillas y balatas, especialmente acerca de la prueba que simula tráfico en ciudad y que produce información de ruido y durabilidad.

LINK M-3500 Servo-Controller Webinar

Recorded 6.9.2020

The M-3500 Controller provides a solution that is focused on structural testing of mechanical components and systems. This integrated package includes function generation, simple and advanced control algorithms, transducer conditioning, and data acquisition.

The Windows™ based interface provides an extremely intuitive and efficient working environment. In addition to being used on dedicated systems, it can be easily reconfigured to complement varying actuator sets. The M-3500 Controller uses its own custom software interface, along with a real-time operating system, for dynamic control.

V-Max 4000 Overview Webinar

Recorded 5.13.2020

A general overview of LINK’s portable data acquisition system, the V-Max 4000.The session will review system capabilities and example use cases ranging from bench testing to ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

Biaxial Moment Method

Recorded 5.8.2020

This session will review moment method mapping using LINK’s biaxial machine and demonstrate how the method compares to the strange gauge method.




Tire Testing – Why We Need It, and How to Do It Efficiently

Recorded 4.29.2020

This seminar provides an overview of tire testing methods, how to interpret tire data, a brief summary of tire modeling, and new developments in tire testing machinery. The seminar reviews sample tire characterization curves and explains the correlating vehicle performance, and also explains the push for tire models by the OEM customer. New products designed to further integrate tire testing into suspension and steering design are also discussed.

ProLINK Dynamometer Test Cycles

Recorded 4.28.2020

Dynamometer Test Cycles: The session will review both basic and advanced brake dynamometer test cycles. General cycle structure and programming examples will be provided at each step.



LabLINK (Laboratory Information Management System) Webinar

Recorded 4.9.2020

This session covered the following LabLINK topics:

  • Product History & Overview
  • Module Functionality and Interactivity
  • Live Demo